Armor Bearer Protective Services is a minority owned security solutions and consulting firm that provides companies, executives, and families with close protection.

We provide more than security. We ingrain ourselves with our clients, safeguard them, and their families across the globe. In turn, our clients entrust us to protect their life, their assets, and their reputation.

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What we do

Our organization provides a wide array of intelligence and protection services for their businesses, employees, and their families. We uphold the integrity of our clients lives. We value who they are and what they represent, while never compromising our foundational principles.

Intelligence Services
Armor Bearer Protective Services Social Threat Intelligence

Our social threat intelligence program combs the internet and dark web in pursuit of potential threatening posts, tracks accounts of interest, and alerts our teams of potential threats for further investigation.

With this program, we are equipped with information that allows us to provide you with the strongest protection possible.

Executive Protection
Terry Brown, CEO, Armor Bearer Protective Services Executive Protection

Executive protection, also known as close protection, is a form of personal security amenity that can be either overt, covert, or a combination of the two depending on the circumstances
and objective.

We offer a proactive security solution with the purpose of preventing harm or loss to the client.

Residential Protection
Armor Bearer's Personal/Family Protection Service

Our specialists possess the credentials and qualifications necessary to conduct countless personal security details across the globe, safeguarding all members of the family, from infants and children to teenagers and adults.

Corporate Security
Corporate Protection Expertise from Armor Bearer Protective Services

Our specialists have provided services for corporate executives, government organizations, & Fortune 100 companies. Through our strategic partnering and extensive network of professionals, we can offer custom risk management services worldwide.


Threat Assessment

We identify and analyze potential threats that can harm and/or impact companies, executives, employees, and their families. We then provide our findings to our clients and continue with our proactive strategy.

Protection Strategy

Your dedicated team will develop a protection strategy that identifies hard and soft targets and mitigates any existing security risk.

Advance Assignment

One of the most important and critical steps for any assignment is the advance work our security team must do prior to any mission. Advance work reinforces proactivity versus reactivity and is proven to reduce threats for our clients, organizations, and families.

Protect & Monitor

Once we understand the risk to our clients, develop our protection strategy, and complete all advance analysis, the work begins. Armor Bearer is now equipped and prepared to provide the protection needed for our clients. While we protect, we continue to monitor all potential threats online as well as in real world environments.

About us

“We do so much more than protect. We free our clients of stress and worry.”
Terry Brown • CEO, Armor Bearer
Executives at Armor Bearer Planning Close Protection Advances

For nearly two decades, ABPS has been dedicated to delivering quality service and security solutions.  Since 2004, we’ve solidified our reputation not only as a leader in executive and personal protection, but also as a trusted partner and consultant to corporate executives, A-List celebrities, dignitaries and high-net worth individuals.  For the last ten years, we’ve worked diligently to increase our international footprint in our client project scopes. Along with global protection, what separates us from our industry peers is our tailored service approach to optimize the customer experience.  We believe this is crucial to our brand and future impressions.

What Clients say

"Armor Bearer Protective Services and Terry Brown's leadership has been tremendous for our organization. Their professionalism and dedication to strategically protect our employees has been unmatched. Thank you for the years of service!"

Sylvia Meeks

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